Nth Cycle Critical Minerals Electro Extraction Technology

"Our earth and its resources are precious.

Megan O'Connor

A Sustainable Path to a Sustainable Planet.

Demand for critical minerals to power the energy transition is growing exponentially. Yet, we know mining deeper and broader, and building landfills higher and wider, works against our fight to save the planet. At Nth Cycle, we see the path forward. We believe all the critical minerals needed for the energy transition are already in circulation today. We just didn’t have a clean, profitable way of retrieving them, until now.

Megan O'Connor - CEO & Founder
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About Us

Nth Cycle is a metals processing technology company.

We work with battery recyclers and miners. Our customizable and clean electro-extraction technology installs onsite to recover critical minerals from separated e-waste, low-grade ore, and mine tailings. We are the heart of metals processing – the crucial step that profitably separates critical minerals from other elements, transforming them into production-grade feedstocks for the clean energy transition.

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Existing technologies that recover critical minerals from e-waste and mining are dirty and inefficient. Pyrometallurgy uses large, dirty furnaces that consume excessive energy and emit greenhouse gases; hydrometallurgy uses harmful acids and solvents that create tons of environmentally-harmful chemical waste. Both processes were invented over 50 years ago.

At Nth Cycle, we’re taking a different approach to expanding the supply of critical minerals for the clean energy revolution. We leverage the power of electro-extraction: clean and modular technology for reliably recovering critical minerals from e-waste and low-grade mine tailings using electricity.

For Battery Recyclers

We turn waste into profits.

Our system’s small footprint (<1,000 sqft!) and modular design enables easy installation onsite to ensure compliance, remove the risks of transportation, and lower operating costs compared to hydro and pyro. Electro-extraction can also tune to a variety of inputs, accepting a wide range of materials and other e-waste.


For Mine operators

Upgrade low-grade materials at the mine.

Clean, modular electro-extraction technology enables miners to extract critical minerals at the mining site with low operating and capital expense. We help miners upgrade low-grade ore onsite to improve transportation economics, and we allow miners to turn tailing ponds


Latest News

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Nth Cycle Begins Commercial Operations

Our first commercial-scale unit is operational and producing Nickel MHP.

March 22, 2022

Our CEO is honored as a Grist50 recipient, a trailblazer for change.

February 15, 2022

We Closed a $12.5 Million Series A Financing

VoLo Earth, Mercuria, Frankstahl and others invested.

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