Low-emissions MHP is changing the market.

A new category of mixed hydroxide precipitate

Our flagship product is a category-breaking mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP) of nickel and cobalt. Our electro-extraction MHP is greater than 98% NiCo content, while traditional MHP from laterite ore is 75% NiCo. Higher purities allow our customers to recover more critical minerals from their supplied feedstocks and lower costs through reduced transportation and refining needs. 

MHP created through electro-extraction is independently-party validated to be a 92% lower greenhouse gas emissions product than MHP from laterite ore, and 44% lower emissions compared to MHP from traditional recycling processes. When produced in the United States, our MHP is also Inflation Reduction Act compliant, while MHP is otherwise produced in Indonesia and not compliant.

All together, our higher purity and lower-emissions MHP product is ushering in a new supply standard for MHP that helps our customers lower their supply chain emissions, improve recovery rates, and lower costs.

Low-emissions metals for the future of manufacturing

Our process increases the marketability of critical minerals by producing production-grade feedstocks like Nickel MHP that easily integrate into the existing critical mineral supply chain. We can reliably recover over 90% of the target critical minerals, ensuring every bit of usable metal can be recovered and sold. 

What’s more, we can create MHP from a wide variety of feedstocks, going beyond black mass (recycled batteries) and laterite ore to include nickel scrap and other recyclable sources of critical mineral content.


Expanded refining capabilities

The magic of our technology is that we can accept and select for a range of metals that is much wider than what is conventionally seen in today’s industry. Where traditional pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy plants are designed around receiving specific feedstock metals at very specific purities, our technology can flexibly intake a whole gamut.

Mixed non-ferrous metals

e.g. electric motors, media-separated metals, shredder mixed metal scrap

Copper-bearing material

skimmings, grindings, ashes, irony brass

Nickel of all grades

alloy scrap consisting of nickel/chrome, nickel/copper, nickel/cobalt

Precious metals

e.g. silver, gold, palladium, platinum

Stainless, high-temp, and special metals

e.g. titanium, tungsten, molybdenum and alloy scrap

Others like tin and zinc 

We’re adding new capabilities and feedstocks as fast as customers ask for them

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We’re continually expanding the variety and caliber of metal products we can produce from mining and recycling.

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