Clean, electro-extraction technology.

At Nth Cycle, we’re taking a different approach to expanding the supply of critical minerals for the clean energy revolution. We leverage the power of electro-extraction: clean and modular technology for reliably recovering critical minerals from e-waste, low-grade ore, and mine tailings using electricity.

The status quo for metals processing—hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy—are inherently dirty and environmentally un-friendly technologies invented over 50 years ago. Pyrometallurgy requires energy-intensive furnaces that fill entire warehouses. Hydrometallurgy runs minerals through cycle upon cycle of harsh chemicals, creating massive amounts of chemical waste.

We use electricity (and a lot less of it).

Clean Operation

Save the planet while
you save the planet.

Using very little electricity (which can be generated from 100% clean renewable power) electro-extraction reduces 75 percent of the greenhouse gases currently emitted during the recovery of production-grade critical minerals. The technology’s closed-loop chemical process is truly circular. Our system’s small footprint also reduces the need for additional balance of system components and avoids needing new environmental permits.

Nth Cycle Oyster
Customizable on several fronts

Install anywhere in less than 1,000 sqft.

Our system’s small footprint and modular design enables usage in remote locations, easy installation onsite to ensure compliance, and fast scale-up as demand increases. It removes the risks of transporting li-ion batteries and enables additional recovery and mineral upgrading at existing mine sites.

Electro-extraction can also tune to a variety of inputs, accepting a wide range of mine tailings, cathode materials, and other e-waste.

Consistent, marketable output

Product you can sell.

Our process increases the marketability of critical minerals by producing production-grade feedstocks, typically over 50% purity. We can reliably recover over 90% of the target critical minerals, ensuring every bit of usable metal can be recovered and sold.