Refining Solutions for Recyclers

Electro-extraction technology refines processed material including end-of-life material and industrial waste. The modular system allows Nth Cycle to co-locate where material is being generated. We upgrade end-of-life material to high-purity, high-value commercial products through a tolling model allowing partners to retain ownership of material and gain significant value uplift from waste. Further, traceability from feedstock to emissions aligns with regulatory requirements and compliance standards.  


  • Black mass from EoL and manufacturing scrap Li-ion batteries of any Ni or Co based chemistry 
  • NMC, LCO, NiMH 
  • Processed Rare Earth magnets/motors 
  • Industrial catalytic waste 
  • Copper scrap 
  • E-waste 
  • Non-ferrous scrap 


High purity, high value intermediates: 

  • Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) 
  • Ni hydroxide 
  • Co hydroxide 
  • Li carbonate 
  • Mixed Rare Earth oxides/hydroxides 
  • Recycled graphite 
  • Copper 

Commercial Applications

Direct feedstock for EV and Li-ion batteries include: 

  • Battery-grade Li production 
  • High-purity metal superalloys 
  • Magnets and motors for EVs, wind turbines, phones 
  • Copper 


Improving Yields for Miners and Refiners with lower Environmental Impact

Turn mining into a sustainable practice by reducing waste streams and lowering environmental footprint with the use of our Oyster system. Unlock stranded assets, extend mine life, reduce environmental impacts, and increase profits with Electro-Extraction technology that integrates into multiple points in existing or new flowsheets. 


  • Leach solution purification 
  • Bleed stream purification 
  • Tailings remediation and value extraction 
  • Low grade value extraction 
  • Ore beneficiation 
  • Wastewater treatment 


  • Sustainability is at the core of what we do 
  • Small footprint of Oyster is easy to deploy, even in remote locations 
  • Fewer consumables 
  • Modular design allows smaller scale projects to be brought to life 
  • Improved metal recovery capability can extend mine life 

Complimentary to Existing Flowsheets

  • We slot into flowsheet or can act independently on side streams 
  • Low impact processing results in reduced permitting requirements 
  • Improve yields and purity without re-engineering plants 


Enabling Circular Supply Chains Through Transparent Refining

Meeting the needs of OEMs and car manufacturers for reduced and net-zero emission manufacturing and supply chains.

  • Reducing length and risks of supply chains through domestic product of higher value inputs 
  • Inflation Reduction Act and EU battery passport compliant products to meet OEM commercial needs 


  • Co-location cuts out the complex, carbon-intensive refining supply chain 
  • By eliminating transportation, manufacturers save time, reduce emissions, and save costs

IRA & EU Battery Passport Compliant

  • Our commercial products are generated from recycled materials 
  • US domestic products, European production sites in near term 
  • Matches requirements of IRA and EU legislation 

High-Value Downstream Products

  • Limited further processing of our products to get to battery grade material 
  • Potential route direct to pCAM for MHP product under development 

Keeping Critical Metals in Circulation Forever.

To the Nth.