Watt It Takes Podcast hosted by Founder and Managing Partner at Powerhouse Ventures, Emily Kirsch

Nth Cycle’s CEO, Megan O’Connor, speaks with Emily Kirsch in her latest monthly episode of Watt It Takes. Click here to listen to the full episode on Apple or Spotify.

Megan and Emily discuss a full range of topics including early life inspiration, new regulations including the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and why critical minerals are so important to the clean energy revolution.

“To deploy enough solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and lithium-ion batteries needed to decarbonize the grid, we’ll need more of the critical minerals like lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, and manganese that make these technologies possible. Right now, our domestic mining capacity for these materials is a fraction of what exists overseas, and the U.S. currently recycles less than 5% of its lithium ion batteries. With the Inflation Reduction Act incentivizing EV manufacturers to source at least 40 percent of their critical materials for EV batteries domestically by 2024, demand has already surpassed supply…They’re pioneering a new method for reliably recovering critical minerals from e-waste and low-grade mine tailings using electricity, replacing existing methods that use large, carbon-intensive furnaces or harmful acids and solvents.” – Emily Kirsch

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