More profits from existing critical mineral mining.

The mining industry has a vision: safe extraction of as much usable material as possible while leaving the smallest impact. Every mining company strives to reduce the scale of their tailing ponds, minimize transportation needs and energy use, and reduce onsite risks. Nth Cycle makes these aspirations possible.

Our solution is integrated at either (or both) of two points in the mining process. First, we integrate at new and legacy tailings ponds to safely extract value from this waste with technology that is low impact and low risk. Second, Nth Cycle can be added to upfront mining operations after the froth flotation step. Through integration at this stage, miners can extract as much usable material onsite as possible, increasing yields and significantly reducing transportation costs.

critical mineral mining, supported by Nth Cycle's electro-extraction technology.

How electro-extraction works in mining.

Nth Cycle uses electro-extraction. Our system is based on an electrochemically-modified filter press, combining both filtration and electrowinning into one unit that can be used at the mine site. This allows for operation at low voltages and high current efficiencies, significantly reducing energy costs and footprint for upgrading materials. In addition, the in-situ base production alleviates the need for highly caustic chemicals while reducing waste, potential hazards, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Highly Marketable Product

Upgrade your critical mineral commodities.

Our outputs are metal hydroxides, pure metals or metal oxides that can be sold to later stage refineries for re-manufacturing of clean energy and electronic components. Our upgraded products can be inserted later into the process for refining, which save time, cost, and resources to produce manufacturing-grade precursors.

Let’s test your critical mineral ore and tailings.

We’re actively taking sample mine tailings and low-grade ores from producers and upgrading them to prove how well our technology can work on your feedstock.