Supporting OEMs, Manufacturers & Consumer Electronics Majors

As electronics and EV manufacturers like you work to meet an explosion in demand, manufacturing scrap and end of life batteries continue to grow, and consumers continue to demand lower-emissions products. Nth Cycle’s electro-extraction system can solve your recycling challenges with lower-cost and lower-emissions processing than current hydrometallurgy and pyrometallury recycling.

Unlike finely-tuned and bespoke hydrometallury facilities, our technology is versatile, easily conforming to your waste streams today, and when they change tomorrow. And, instead of polluting furnaces and large chemical wastes, our technology works with just electricity.


How electro-extraction works in consumer electronics

Nth Cycle uses electro-extraction. Our system is based on an electrochemically-modified filter press, combining both filtration and electrowinning into one unit. This allows for operation at low voltages and high current efficiencies, significantly reducing energy costs and footprint (allowing for on-site use). In addition, the in-situ base production alleviates the need for highly caustic chemicals while reducing waste, potential hazards, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Nth Cycle can be added to existing mechanical recycling and scrap facilities to provide a low-cost, greener alternative to chemical processes today. We can take disassembled consumer electronic, EV batteries, magnets and other e-waste and process it into mixed hydroxides at a fraction of the cost and GHG emissions of current methods.

Send us a Sample.

We’re actively taking sample waste streams from manufacturers and recovering the critical minerals to prove how well our technology can work on your specific manufacturing waste stream.