A New Frontier of Modular Refining.

Our Electro-extraction systems accept an incredibly diverse array of feedstocks and creates a highly consistent output, which translates to a wide range of applicability of our technology across industries.

One of our first and fastest-growing applications is in nickel and cobalt processing. We accept a wide range feedstock qualities and types —everything from refining bleed streams to raw ore and nickel scrap — and transform them all into a high-quality, low-emissions mixed hydroxide precipitate (“MHP”). Our flexibility in feedstocks and the versatility of our MHP output allow our systems to drop-in before, during, or after many existing mining, refining and recycling processes to lower costs and emissions.

Especially given today’s supply chain challenges, our technology provides greater flexibility and reduces the need for far-flung pyro and hydro units centralized in other parts of the world.

While electro-extraction can work across metals in the periodic table, our current product suite focuses on nickel, cobalt, copper, rare earths, and precious metals.

critical mineral mining, supported by Nth Cycle's electro-extraction technology.

For Miners & Refiners

Nth Cycle can help you extract value from low-grade ores and waste streams that would otherwise present themselves as hazards or additional costs to process. We’re also able to custom fit a broader range of feedstocks into your existing processes, expanding your customer base.

For Recyclers & Scrappers

We’re here to introduce a greener, safer, and more efficient and profitable method for processing the variable feedstocks with lower costs and smaller footprints. Whether you’re dealing with consistent quality manufacturing scrap, or homogenous end-of-life scrap, we can handle it.


For Electronics Manufacturers

We’re build for those who need help to manage your manufacturing scrap and end of life products at lower cost and smaller footprint than hydro and pyro, while also helping you build products with lower embodied carbon.

We're right for you if....

Electro-extraction is an excellent solution if you’re unsure of how to process new scrap or waste streams you’re encountering, looking to create value out of expensive bleed streams, your corporation is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, or if pre- and post-processing transportation costs are a large burden. If it’s important for you to develop local, resilient supply chains or move quickly to adapt to changes in the market, please reach out.