“We believe in the power of people to power our future.

Nth Cycle: the heart of turning waste into profit.

Our planet cares for us. It gives us water, food, and shelter, and in return we need to care for it. As we work to build a carbon-free economy to protect our planet, we’re at a crossroads. The very technologies that will save us—electric vehicles, wind turbines, and processing power—are built on a foundation of rare metals extracted from the earth at great monetary and environmental cost. How can we shift to a carbon-free existence without doing more harm than good?

At Nth Cycle, we see this challenge as opportunity. An opportunity to draw the resources needed for the energy transition from electronics waste and more efficient mines. A chance to make recovery processes more sustainable while improving profits at the same time. The tools required to mine cobalt, nickel, and manganese exist today. The technologies needed to breakdown old cell phones, magnets, and electric vehicles into their component parts exists today. But, the incumbent processes that transform these harvests into production-grade critical minerals for new manufacturing are old, dirty, and expensive.

At Nth Cycle, we’ve put our minds and hearts into solving this problem. We’ve developed new technology that supports battery recyclers and miners. It’s called electro-extraction, an alternative to hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. Rather than using large, greenhouse gas-emitting furnaces or harsh chemicals, our technology uses only electricity. It transforms the outputs of electronics recycling, and waste from existing mines, into high-quality critical minerals ready for use again. No more hot, dirty furnaces; no harsh chemical waste.

In transforming our lives and economies, the technologies we harness must be as clean and sustainable as the world we imagine. At Nth Cycle, we’ve created the tools to make that future possible today.

Our Team

A world-class team for world-changing technology.

We’re engineers, scientists, business leaders, artists, athletes, parents, and friends. We believe in the power of people to power our future and are building a diverse, people-first culture to transform metals processing. If you know the number of valence electrons cobalt has, can build a 5-year pro forma, or negotiate an eight-figure multi-year contract, then take a look at our open positions.

Megan O'Connor

Founder & CEO

Desirée Plata

Founder & Advisor

Chad Vecitis

Founder & Chief Scientist

Coleman Adams


Guillermo Espiga

VP, Head of Business Development

Chris Thoren

VP of Engineering

Christoph Moore

Director of Product

Emily Jennings

Core Technology Mechanical
Engineering Lead

Alex Allen

Director of Mining

Wyatt Roscoe

Director of Design and Procurement

Flannery Mehigan

Community Manager

Colleen Cannon

Systems Process Lead

Grace Constantino

Chemical Engineer

Victoria Vaccarezza

Metallurgical Engineer

Our Partners & Investors

It takes an ecosystem to make circularity a reality.

Our growing group of partners and investors believe there’s a better way to recover critical minerals for the energy transition. They support us with financing, talent, access to expertise, introductions, and more.