We are revolutionizing metal refining with our safe, low-emission technology to create a sustainable foundation for the electrified economy. Our mission: to keep critical metals in circulation forever with the lowest impact on the environment.

A Novel Way to Extract Critical Metals

A sustainable future requires a sustainable method to refine metals. The Oyster, our patented modular refining system, extracts high-purity critical metals of any type, in any state, using just electricity and water. Our clean and less-energy intensive electro-extraction technology is the modern answer to the antiquated, energy-intensive smelting of the past. We’re fixing the broken global refining supply chain by locating our scalable modular units onsite, right where the feedstock is.

Transforming Metals Extraction with Modular Refining

We’re meeting the immediate need for critical metals to power the clean-energy transition. We’ve created a circular refining method to consistently deliver pure, critical metals that the world demands now. The Oyster, our patented modular unit, can be installed anywhere. Designed to scale, the Oyster accommodates a client’s production and is operational in mere months, not years. The swift set-up time reduces carbon emissions once spent on shipping metals across the globe for processing.

Scrap Recycling

Refining solutions for recyclers that upgrade end-of-life material to high-purity, high-value commercial products. 


Learn how to unlock stranded assets, extend mine life, reduce environmental impacts, and increase profits. 


Implement a circular and sustainable supply chain that ensures traceability of all materials compliant with regulations.  

Innovators Connected Through Purpose

Our passion is to transform the metals-refining industry for a modern economy. An executive team of industry experts, with over 150 years of combined experience, are led by CEO Megan O’Connor, PhD, along with co-founders Desiree Plata, PhD, and Chad Vecitis, PhD, developed an advanced electro-extraction technology to safely produce the critical metals needed for an electrified economy. We are passionate that our technology can forge a proper circular economy.

Closing the Critical Metals Loop

To make a successful, sustainable transition to the electrified economy, the world needs to move from yesterday’s smelting methods. Our onsite, modular technology has a shorter development timeline due to its sustainable approach with our core technology, using just electricity and water. 


recovery of metals from any raw material


lower GHG emissions compared to traditional mining


month deployment timeline due to limited permitting